Find useful links here under specific topics - if we've missed anything that you want to know about, please do get in touch! (Please note, I'm currently going through this list at the moment and updating it, so some areas are a little sparse - I will keep going through it and new links will be coming soon :-) )


Very useful general overview on aggressive behaviour, with practical ideas of how to manage it:

Great ideas on being playful when faced with aggression:

Various issues faced by children when playing with their peers – including how to handle aggressive behaviour:

What to do when another child hurts your child - I just love this for the wordings of what to say about the other child's behaviour!:

About why children bite (various ages) and what you can do about it:

Helping Your Child with Aggression (a self-guided course):




The Opposite of Worry by Lawrence Cohen - this book is an essential read if your child is showing signs of anxiety. It is also helpful for adults with anxiety. You will better understand where the feelings come from, and will go away with plenty of practical tips to move forward with this challenging issue.

Death and dying - explains how death might affect your child, and what you can do to support them - discusses how grief works, and what a child needs from you - one person's experience in dealing with her son's concerns - gives ideas to help with discussions, and tips about how to handle these talks - quite in depth, but some useful ideas for specific situations

Listening Partnerships

Newborns/first-time parents (see 'New siblings' for subsequent arrivals!)

New siblings lots of practical ideas for getting ready for the new sibling's arrival! But also for after the baby is born too I like some of these ideas - but I don't think they mean do them all, as it would be a bit over-the-top! I think understated involvement is key mainly for after the new baby arrives. Some helpful ideas. Don't be overwhelmed by her '20 minutes a day' suggestion for special time - do what you can manage, and rope other people in too! (Nb, I think the early mention of 'time out' is metaphorical - or at least I hope so!!) a good lot of useful tips here, for that first meeting between siblings ideas for when the inevitable issues come up for older children, once the new baby arrives about some of the feelings that might surface for parents, on the birth of their second child some playlistening ideas to help around new siblings ideas for us as parents, as we handle the inevitable sibling issues that crop up a teleseminar replay about helping siblings with a new baby's arrival (I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but I'm sure it will be useful!!) short course on sibling rivalry - very worth doing if you can!!


School issues (separation anxiety, homework...)

Separation anxiety

Setting Loving Limits

Sibling rivalry short course on sibling rivalry - very worth doing if you can!!

Speech, language and communication

Special Time

Staying calm/adult anger


See 'Staylistening'