We have split this list into three parts: useful parenting books (i.e. non-fiction titles), relevant fiction titles, and children's books which align with our parenting style (surprisingly hard to find!). If you are local, we are more than happy to lend books out for a small charge if that would be helpful. And if you think we've missed any great titles, just let us know! (Please note, I'm currently going through this list at the moment and updating it, so some areas are a little sparse - I will keep going through it and new links will be coming soon :-) )

Parenting reference books

Listen - by the founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, Patty Wipfler, and co-author Tosha Shore. Read this if you want to get a good grounding, with lots of practical examples, of the life-changing, respectful parenting approach that is Hand in Hand Parenting. A must-read parenting book!

Fiction books

Children's books

Hands Off My Honey! - apart from a tiny bit of tickling, this is great for an example of Playlistening!!

Who Needs Pants? - all right, so this is not exactly in line (or not!) with our parenting style, but we loved the freedom and joy in this book!