Events - Women's Circles

Women’s Circles

Monthly women’s circles.

This is an amazing healing space, where we gather to connect, listen to, and support each other on this healing journey.

Intentions of our circle:

  • To share experiences, and be heard and witnessed in our truth
  • To be held in our expression, without judgement or advice
  • To reconnect with ourselves, and with other women
  • To give and receive nurture and support
  • To gain insights and clarity
  • To build a sense of community and friendship
  • To create time for our own healing
  • To celebrate ourselves and each other

    We connect monthly (usually the last Sunday of the month), via Zoom. Bookings are made on a subscription basis to ensure continuity of this beautiful community group, and run from January to December. You can end your subscription at any time. Your investment is £10/month.

    We may accept new attendees during the year if we have space - please contact us if you are wishing to join, and we can see if we are a good fit.

  • Experience of listening to others and being listened to (please contact us if you do not have this experience, and we can support you in what you need)
  • Desire to go deep into your experience and embrace discomfort
  • Be able to own your resistance when things feel challenging

  • Tech to access the circles via Zoom
  • A set up that means we can see and hear you (camera on a stand so that it is still, working microphone)
  • A quiet space where you won’t be interrupted
  • Sometimes, the work will involve practices in which you might like to lie down or move around a little - this is not essential but please bear this in mind when selecting your space

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