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Unlocking your Parenting Potential with Emilie Leeks

12 weeks to a more fulfilled parenting path

Fully online, and teaching accessed on your timetable!

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Have you done it all, but you’re still running into the same old issues?

  • Are you exhausted, dissatisfied and lacking joy in your parenting?
  • Do you experience anger towards your children/the world/yourself?
  • Are you so overwhelmed by all the things you ‘could’ or ‘should’ be doing, that you no longer have any idea how to move forwards?

No more doing things a certain way just because that’s how you’ve always done them!

No more staying stuck and overwhelmed every time you meet some resistance!

At Journeys in Parenting, we believe that the way of being in this world, and the way of parenting in our culture as it stands currently is not the norm, and that it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe wholeheartedly that we can learn a new way of being that brings us and those around us more peace - a way that means we can live our lives intentionally and joyfully. But it takes work! And that work is inside of us - it’s not about how we parent, but about who we are.

If that sounds scary - you are not alone! We must learn to heal old hurts, to dig through our conditioned reactions, and to get back to listening to and trusting our intuition. And we can’t do it alone! We need our community around us to guide and support us along our unique paths. At Journeys in Parenting we are with you every step of the way, with full acceptance for wherever you find yourself at, and holding with an open heart whatever you need help to carry at any time.

Would you like to:

  • Get down to the roots of why you experience life in the way you do?
  • Find ways to establish realistic changes over time?
  • See real progress in the areas that are important to YOU?

Our Unlocking your Parenting Potential course is an online, guided, supported 12-week programme, which will allow you to go deep into what’s working and what’s not working for you and your family in your parenting, and find your own answers around how you want to move forwards. The course asks targeted questions, designed to lift you out of unconsciously following old patterns and conditioning, and instead allowing you to make intentional choices to start living the life you want to live.

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YOU have the answers!

In our culture, we are encouraged to listen to the experts, to not question, to do what everyone else is doing. And sometimes that can be a helpful path to take, and can lead us to receiving what we need. But what if that path, that well-trodden path, is not working for us? How do we learn to listen again to our intuition, buried as it is under our own upbringing and conditioning? There is a wealth of information out there about how to parent, how to be a ‘good’ parent, and how to live our lives - and much of that information is helpful in guiding us, in opening up new ways and possibilities, and in allowing us to get clear on what we want or don’t want for our own families. But ultimately, the answers that are right for YOU live inside YOU and you alone. The Unlocking your Parenting Potential course has been developed to support you to find these answers and act on them so that you can follow your own unique path.

What’s getting in your way?

Many of us have some idea of the life we want to live, the parent we want to be, and the family lifestyle we want to experience. But we remain stuck in our conditioning and, even if we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have no idea how to move forwards, or what’s getting in our way. In addition to supporting you in figuring out how you want life to look for your family, our Unlocking your Parenting Potential course also allows you to identify the blocks which get in your way of moving forwards, and encourages you to make decisions that work for you to move those barriers aside, and make meaningful changes in your life.

Are you ready to move some of those blocks out of your way, that are stopping you from getting to where you really want to be? Are you ready to leave behind the uncertainty, and instead claim your rightful place in this amazing world we live in? If your answer is ‘yes’, then I invite you to join me in Unlocking your Parenting Potential.

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Find out more about what this amazing course involves below - but first, here’s what people have said about it:

“The course has been exactly what I needed, as before it began I was feeling really stuck and finding it hard to move forward into a better frame of mind after a really tough 6 months or so of emotional turmoil (all kicked off by starting listening partnerships and thinking about feelings/emotional awareness etc for the first time probably ever). So one massive success from this course has been that I’m in such a different place now. Many days are still tough but I have more perspective and more of a certainty that I can move through it when I’m ready to (and that it’s ok not to if I need to just be in the hard place for a bit). Having the daily questions has REALLY helped with that. I’ve often been amazed when I re-read my answer and see what I’ve written and it’s helped so much to see why I am as I am just now, and where I want to be in the future. I think most of the changes have been mental shifts actually - towards giving myself permission to think about replenishment and take a few baby steps in the right direction without feeling guilty about it, being much more aware of what presence and acceptance mean for me, and actually thinking more about joy rather than just about getting the next job done. From the outside it probably doesn’t look like much has changed but in my head so much is shifting. I know it’ll take a long time to actually get to where I want to be but this has been such a great starting point, even while it’s been hard and triggering and way too much at times. The patches where I feel more integrated and positive are more frequent and longer which is great! I’m so glad that I went for it and signed up - this course has been fantastic and made such a difference to my life right now and I feel sure that the gains will continue long into the future.”

“My success in this course is mainly around recognising the importance of replenishment. My husband and I (through counselling) have agreed I can have a couple of hours off duty on Tuesdays and every other Friday. I have finally found a way of expressing what I need and giving importance to what I need. Finally little one is back in her own bed (this is huge) and I realise this was possible because of a change in me not her. I was not getting any time at night and was not sleeping well (she’s a wriggler and a spread yourself across the bed sleeper). I am also trying not to overwhelm myself with all the things I should or could do to replenish. I have realised that living a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eating well, meditating, family time, oodles of special time, sleeping, reading, dancing, swimming, yoga, Pilates etc is not going to happen every day and that is ok. So I am hoping to do some of these things some of the time but that is better than not at all. I am in the process of looking through the course and thinking of achievable goals under each subject but ultimately all of it comes back to replenishment for me. I’m already ok at some of this stuff but am completely unable to do any of it if I am not replenished. I cannot recommend this course enough, it has really shifted the way I think about myself and this has had a positive impact on my day to day life. It has been journey of self-exploration through thought-provoking questions in a safe place with lots of support.”

“I highly recommend this course! So much great stuff to help you really think about what stuff you want to shift in your parenting (and life in general) and loads of support to help you move forward. SO useful and accessible. Thanks Emilie for such an amazing course!”

Book now - just £199, for the full 12-week course!

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re feeling that you’re not the parent you want to be right now, and you wish for more - for you, for your children, and for your loved ones
  • You know you want to make changes but you’re not sure how
  • You’re willing to put in time and effort to move yourself forwards
  • You feel pulled between wanting to immerse yourself into your life as a parent, and finding time to be yourself
  • You want a wonderfully safe and nurturing, pressure-free environment in which to look inwards

This course is NOT for you if:

  • You want a magic wand, or a quick fix
  • You can’t find 10 minutes each day for the ‘Focus Weeks’ of the course
  • You are happy where you are, and have it all sorted
  • You’re not ready to go deep and face some pain and resistance
  • You don’t want to change
  • You can’t wait until the next start date!

Unlocking your Parenting Potential gives you a deeper understanding of your own wants and needs, and what’s getting in your way of meeting them. It gives you the motivation and the understanding of how to move forwards, to make your life more of what you want - and less of what you don’t! But it is not an easy ride, so come prepared to meet resistance and triggers, and to feel some discomfort as you work towards your goals. Unlocking your Parenting Potential is not a substitute for therapy or counselling - but it can be used as a tool alongside them to good effect.

Book now - £199 (£349 for couples)

Why I developed UPP

When I became a parent, I thought I would handle it like a pro - after all, I had been working with children since my early teens: teaching swimming, working in schools and as a childminder, and eventually in my role as a paediatric speech and language therapist. Little did I know!! We had a very challenging start with our oldest child, and, honestly, things didn’t get a lot easier over the first few years as a parent. I felt isolated and overwhelmed, and I had no understanding of the feelings I was having, of what it meant to be triggered by the things my child did, or how to handle the behaviours I was seeing. Fast forward 6 years from our first child’s birth, 2 more children added to our family, lots of reading and research, and finally finding Hand in Hand Parenting in 2014. What a game-changer! I felt like I’d come home - finally, I found a body of work that made me say ‘Do they know my actual child??!!!’ as I read it - and I knew I was onto something big! I did their amazing Starter Class, later trained as an instructor, and my journey had really begun. The work at Hand in Hand around trauma and healing, led me deeper into the research, and the more I looked, the more I could see that whilst there are common grounds for healing (such as building strong and trusted bonds with others, and expressing emotions effectively), we all need to find our own, very individual path. But it’s not always easy to figure out what that path is - let alone follow it! I gradually brought different streams of thought and research into my life as a parent, and started to see massive shifts in how I function in my daily life - life was getting significantly better, even if the process was very uncomfortable at times, and very slow going! I realised that there were a few key areas which had a big impact on this huge change in how I was living, and distilled my own process into key, targeted information and questions, to guide other parents along their path to finding more peace and joy in their parenting - to getting unstuck! And so Unlocking your Parenting Potential was born: an approach which helps you examine key areas of your life in (sometimes painful!) depth, so that you can break through your blocks, and make your way forwards, in your own time, in your own direction, but always towards the vision that works for you and for your family.

So what’s included?

This 12-week, fully supported course includes:

6 ‘Focus Weeks’ - these are the weeks where you are introduced to the week’s topic, and supported to work your way through what it means to you.

6 ‘Integration Weeks’ - these weeks alternate with the Focus Weeks, so that you have a chance to sit back a little, put more attention back to the ‘everyday’, and reflect on and integrate what you have discovered during the preceding Focus Week.

The Focus Weeks give you: · 6 Teaching Videos (one per Focus Week): to introduce you to each topic, and get you thinking about what it means for you and your family · 6 weeks of Daily Questions (Mondays-Fridays of the Focus Weeks): to dig into where you’re at, where you want to be, and how you are going to get there · Daily articles on each topic, to spark your thinking and give you insight and clarity around the path you are taking

The Integration Weeks give you: · A chance to step back, catch up with life, and reflect on what you’ve learnt · Thought-provoking questions delivered via the Facebook group, to keep your momentum going · 6 Facebook live Q&A sessions (one per Integration Week), where you can have all your topic-related questions answered

You also get:

  • The chance to participate in future run-throughs of the course for no extra cost (at the moment, numbers are small as I am working on my own with this, so this may change in the future, but you will definitely be able to participate in run-throughs throughout 2020 at the very least!): this means that if you get ‘behind’ you will be able to go through it all again, or if you miss bits, or if you just need a refresher, you can do that
  • All the resources available to download and keep (we just ask that you don’t share them on)
  • A supporting and very supportive Facebook group: for discussion, sharing, support and questions
  • Transcripts of all Teaching Videos, lists of article links, and worksheets to record your answers to the Daily Questions
  • Emilie’s personal support for the course materials within the Facebook group, or via email, throughout the 12 weeks (start date usually around September time) & much much more!
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Why the cost?

When you buy one of my courses, you are paying for the results of my years of experience, the training courses I have completed, and the ongoing self-study I engage in. In Unlocking your Parenting Potential, as with many of my other offerings, you are also getting my personal support and mentoring due to the way the course is delivered. You are also paying for a streamlined guide to getting you onto the path you want to be on, with a programme that is carefully designed to move you through the concepts sequentially, and to support you in not becoming overwhelmed. All of this information is available out there for free, and of course anyone is welcome to go and find their path in that way. My aim is to guide you through a process which, if I had been able to experience it myself a few years ago, would have saved me a lot of time, mistakes, and dead-ends. You can dig around for yourself, and that is fully valid - or you can join Unlocking your Parenting Potential and get a much-needed boost in your parenting! It really is your choice as to how you wish to move forwards.

What if I can’t keep up?

This is a question that I think bothers all of us when we embark on a new course! And there is more information in this course than I would expect busy parents to take on board in the 12 weeks. But if you can hold the following points in mind, that will help you to decide whether this course is for you, in terms of the commitment you can make to it:

  1. There is no such thing as behind in this course. Yes, if you ‘keep up’ with the Focus Weeks, you will have access to the relevant and timely support from the Facebook group. But!! - you do not have to post your thoughts in there if you don’t wish to - whether you are on-track with the programme or not.
  2. I guide you all the way as to the ‘minimum steps’ to get you through the weeks on track - and I keep it to around 10 minutes per day on the Focus Weeks, and then you have a week that you can take off if you need to, to catch up with life!
  3. All of the resources are downloadable and are yours to keep for as long as you need them. So you can access them at any time - even if you choose not to start the course at all until later on.
  4. The Facebook group will be archived shortly after the course finishes, but you will be able to go back in and read anything you want to. You will also be invited to join the new Facebook group for future run-throughs, regardless of whether you have managed to complete the course the first time around or not.

Should I keep seeing my therapist/doing Listening Partnerships/meditating…?

Yes! The work we do here may well complement any work you are doing with a therapist or other professional - you may find that this course is a piece of your own personal puzzle. But we recommend that you continue with any outside support you are getting alongside doing this course, if that feels right to you. In fact, this course can often help you to identify what support mechanisms you might need - as well as what’s serving you in terms of what you already have.

Is this course likely to be restimulating (triggering) of my old hurts?

In a word: yes! Much of our development, of our self-growth, comes at those points where we feel the most triggered, and the most resistant. If we can recognise this, if we can see it for what it is (an uncomfortable opportunity), then we can be with it until we are ready to move forwards. But it’s not easy! We strongly recommend that you take this course slowly, at a pace that feels right to you, and that when you feel yourself being triggered for whatever reason, that you just dip a toe in there, just give yourself a little drip drip of what’s hard, and then whenever you need to just take a step back and give yourself the space you need to process what’s going on for you. We also recommend that you reach out - either in the Facebook group to our wonderful community, or if you prefer you can always reach me personally via email. Take it slow, notice what’s going on, and only do as much as you feel comfortable with. I can’t stress that enough! Growth happens when we titrate our exposure to our pain points - not by diving in head first and trying to do everything all at once!

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Who are you?

Journeys in Parenting is the brain-child of Emilie Leeks (that’s me!), ably supported by my amazing husband Stuart Leeks, along with a handful of wonderful, open-hearted members of our Journeys in Parenting community. Stuart and I home educate our 3 children in a little town in Berkshire in the UK. In my working life, I was a paediatric speech and language therapist for 10 years, and I loved working with families in that capacity. But when I had my own children, and realised just how incredibly challenging this parenting journey is, I reached out to connect with other parents who were following a parenting path which didn’t quite align with the mainstream. Journeys in Parenting was born and, on discovering the Hand in Hand Parenting approach, I found even more of the non-judgemental support for parents which our society so sorely lacks. I felt like I had come home! I trained as an instructor, and I love teaching the incredibly useful, practical and life-changing Hand in Hand tools to other parents. And as my own journey of self-development as a parent progressed, I found myself looking more and more deeply into my own triggers, conditioning and hurts. As I did so, I realised just how deep these go in our parenting, and how crucial it is that we each address them intentionally if we want to become the parents I know we can all be. My work since completing my Hand in Hand instructor training, has therefore focused increasingly on supporting parents to ask themselves the big questions about who they are, why they are there, where they want to be and how they are going to get there. And I continue my ongoing self-development work to guide my own journey, as well as that of others, by attending training courses, bringing new practices into my life, and reading, reading and reading some more! I feel exceptionally honoured to do this work, and to walk alongside parents as they find and tread their unique path.

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