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Monthly Somatics drop-in sessions

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Monthly Somatics drop-in sessions

  • 1.25-hour group drop-in sessions, practising the self-care exercises of Clinical Somatics.
  • Sessions - first Saturday of the month (except where stated), mornings 10-11.15am GMT/BST.
  • 2021 dates (please note, these dates are subject to change, so please check each month you book): June 5th, July 3rd, Aug 7th, Sept 11th (please note, this is NOT the first Sat of the month), Oct 2nd, Nov 6th, Dec 4th.
  • Requirements: preferably a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted; room to lie on the floor (carpet or exercise mat) and spread arms and legs out; Zoom (free download); ability to position the camera so I can see most or all of your body when you are lying on the floor (or at very least your torso); ability to get down to the floor to do exercises; ability to lie on your back (this could be propped with cushions if needs be; intention to create space to practise between sessions (optional, but highly recommended!).
  • £12/session (£10 for subscribers)

Please note: these sessions are group sessions, and cannot be targeted to individuals' specific issues. For tailored sessions, please get in touch to enquire about 1:1 support.

Book as a one-off drop-in session: Book now

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About Emilie

I am trained to deliver Clinical Somatics self-care exercises, in the tradition of Thomas Hanna. I received my training under Sarah Warren, at the Somatic Movement Center. In my pure Somatics classes, I teach only the Clinical Somatics self-care approach and exercises - although I may add some guided relaxation at the ends of the classes. In my blended classes, I deliver Somatics alongside my other modalities, including Reiki, dance, qigong, and nervous system regulation practices.


“Thank you so much Emilie, I loved it! I never expected to feel so relaxed afterwards. I really enjoyed listening to your recording last night to practice. I’m loving how much concentration and focus it needs to I work out how to do the pandiculation. It’s enough to engage my mind so I’m not away with thinking/worrying and the combination of this and the deep connection with the body seem to allow my system to relax which is really rare. I’m excited to see the effect of the practice on pain and flexibility too.”

“This week I noticed a new internal sensation when I get angry (I feel a tight band of muscles constrict around my upper chest, under my arms). I was quite surprised to feel it! This is great because I can make a mental note to watch for that sensation as a trigger that it’s time to be more intentionally mindful and step away if needed.”

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