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Embodied Exploration recordings

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Embodied Exploration recordings to support your healing journey

  • 12 powerful recordings of between around 10 and 20 minutes each
  • Download and experience these guided Explorations in your own time
  • Suitable for those who have already worked with me in some format - these are powerful practices, and I do not recommend accessing them unless you already have some experience of how they land for you. Please get in touch if you are unsure.
  • Exchange: £24 for all the recordings (£2/recording) (please contact me, as always, if finances are an issue, and we will figure something out)

This offering is ongoing for 2022. I will be recording one Exploration approximately monthly, and you will be sent a link to download each recording as it becomes available. If you sign up for this offer partway through the year (2022), you will receive links to all available recordings, and the remainder as they become available throughout the rest of the year.

Themes are likely to include areas such as self-compassion, anger, and overwhelm, amongst other things - but this may vary. I trust that you will receive exactly what you need as we move through the year!

Please note: Embodied Explorations were previously known as Somatic Explorations and are guided body visualisations and journeys - they are not connected to the Clinical Somatics self-care exercises that I teach. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

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