Events - Parent Support Group

This group is designed to provide ongoing support for parents and carers who have participated in our UPP course. It may also be suitable for you if you have worked closely with me in other ways, e.g. via a Starter Class - get in touch to find out more. Join us to continue your healing journey, find support from other like-minded parents/carers, and build connections within our respectful parenting community.
This group is for you if you are:
  • Familiar with my work
  • Familiar with Listening Partnerships
  • Feeling stuck in some aspect of your parenting, and needing dedicated time to work on that area
  • Wanting to gain support as you work through your healing journey
  • Feeling isolated, and wanting to engage with support from and for other parents
  • Finding yourself being very reactive in your parenting, and wanting to work on changing that
Group details:

Locality: Online

Cost: £72 for 6 weeks. Class sizes are very limited to allow individual attention for each participant - register early to ensure your place!

Dates: the Parent Support Group runs in 6-session blocks - visit the Events page for current listings, or get in touch.

Feel free to contact Emilie for more information.

To book, contact us for details.

"The tools are practical ways to help ourselves, as well as our children, deal with the day-to-day challenges of life. This approach to parenting has improved our family life to a significant effect."
"Learning tools to aid connection with my children has been invaluable. Staylistening has enabled me to embrace big emotions and I'm no longer anxious about avoiding tantrums etc. Playlistening has reduced frustrations around everyday routines and generally made life more fun."
"Finally parenting advice that comes with tools that sit right with my ethos of raising children - and they work!"
"What will I get from doing this group?"

You will have the chance to work through issues that are specific to you in your parenting, without judgement, and with warm support. You will find out more about who you are, and who you want to be - and be able to take steps to work towards that. You will learn to release blocked emotions, in the presence of caring listeners. You will learn how to give a speaker your full attention, and you will see how powerful your listening support is to others.

"I don't have any experience of Listening Partnerships, but this sounds like a group I really want to do - what's the way forward for me right now?"

We won't be teaching the idea of Listening Partnerships in this group, so there will be an assumption that people attending have a basic knowledge of LPs, and some experience in using them. If you haven't yet experienced the transformational power of LPs, there are a number of ways you can learn more:

"I'm struggling to afford anything extra just at the moment - what can I do?"

It's hard to juggle finances when there are so many areas where we need to spend, so I try to keep costs of the courses and talks I offer at a reasonable price. If you can't afford the full cost, please do contact me if you'd like to discuss this, and I will do my best to work something out. You are also extremely welcome to join the free Journeys in Parenting Facebook group, where you can ask any questions you have, and will receive plenty of understanding and warm support.

"What happens after the 12 weeks?"

After our 6-week block (running fortnightly over 12 weeks), there are many avenues open to you if you wish to develop your healing journey further. I offer other short courses, and one-off talks and workshops, which will all utilise listening skills. You are also more than welcome to join our extremely supportive and friendly Facebook group at any time (you don't need to have done any classes to join us), or to follow the Journeys in Parenting Facebook page. To find a one-on-one LP, you may wish to link up with someone already attending the group, or for ways to find another LP, take a look at this article. Or you can always do another 6-week block!