Events - One-Day Retreat

One-Day Retreat

A beautiful day of connection, sharing and healing, with like-minded parents.

** Please note, our 27th June event will now be held online **

Date: Saturday 27th June 2020

Time: 10am-5pm

Investment: £40-60 (sliding scale) Book now

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs we’ll ever do - it allows us to see all of our unhealed hurts and unmet needs, as well as bringing us the fiercest love we can experience! By exploring our needs, our hurts and our joys, we can increasingly be there for our children in the ways that best serve them, and us, and our families as a whole. This workshop invites us to experience healing practices, ignite creativity, and lean into opportunities for connection, so that we can re-establish our intuition, open our hearts, and parent from a place of love and joy.

Have you been working hard to support others in this difficult time? Have you created space for your children, partners, and other family members to support them? Are you feeling overwhelmed and under-resourced? It might be time to create some space to connect with your own support, so that you can come out the other side to parent (and partner!) with more ease, calm and lightness.

What if you could…

  • Feel better about yourself in your parenting?
  • Find practices to help you stay calm under pressure?
  • Understand yourself better so that you fall into conditioned responses less often?
  • Find ways to be less harsh with yourself so that you in turn can be gentler with others?

We will work with all these areas and more on our retreat day, holding the beautiful intention of emerging on the other side feeling fulfilled, fresh, and ready to rejoin the world from a more replenished place <3

What will the day include?

  • Gentle movement practices - to develop safety and regulation in our system
  • Explorations into our inner worlds - to help us to better understand our reactions, beliefs and inner voices
  • Self-compassion practices - because when we are kinder to ourselves, we can be softer towards our children
  • Opportunities to connect, find support and to support others - because a sense of belonging is crucial to our wellbeing
  • Opportunities to share and to be heard - because when we are met where we’re at, we are better equipped to meet our children where they are at

I know these are challenging times - and although I’m hopeful that many of our families will be able to leave the house for a short time here and there on our day, I’m under no illusion about how hard it might be to be left alone for the whole day! Here are some notes which might help if it feels it might be hard to create some space for yourself:

  • I have created this day to allow for you to dip in and out as you need, but still follow the materials and get maximum value
  • I fully honour each individual’s needs in any given moment - whether that be to get a drink, use the bathroom, or see to children as needed
  • All the guidance you will need will be given to you in written form at the start of the day, to follow along even if you have to duck out here and there to take a break for whatever reason
  • I invite you to examine what feels hard about creating that space - and to feel into what could be changed or shifted to make things a little easier

I look forward to seeing you there - I can’t wait to connect and replenish ourselves in community together! <3

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For in-person events:

Location: Finchampstead, Berkshire UK

Hot drinks and snacks will be provided - please bring your own lunch <3

Investment: £40-60 (sliding scale) Book now