Events - Gratitude Invitation

A beautiful, self-study mini course, designed to help you explore you ideas about gratitude, unravel your gratitude blocks, and establish a gratitude practice that works for you and your family.

This course is designed to be completed over 5 days, but you will get the full course upfront, and can complete it in your own time. You can also revisit it any time you want to, to refresh your practice, and bring more gratitude into your life, whenever you need it!

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“Thank you Emilie, this has been a very thought provoking few days in such a wonderfully positive way, I will take a lot away from it. I really appreciate all of the effort you have made to help spread such love.”

“Thank you SO MUCH Emilie - it’s been amazing. I think I’ve just learned that a little twist in your thoughts can really change things in such a powerful way. It’s been so positive. In a world where there is so much injustice and hate and where I so often feel absolutely hopeless, it’s wonderful to know you are all out there AND that you’re all wanting to make things better. Thank you all xxx”

“Shifts have been an huge increase in the depth and understanding of gratitude, and where that can be applied within our lives (pretty much everywhere). The gratitude itself has been deepened by the understanding, thinking about it more, acknowledging not only what I’m grateful for but why, and not forgetting the everyday stuff. Also opened up avenues for building better self worth by finding what I’m grateful for within myself too.”

“Thank you Emilie for this wonderful 10 days of gratitude. It’s been so good to have a focus on it, it’s brought it to the forefront of my mind and actually made me realise how important gratitude is for keeping positive, being focused on now and putting a new light on tricky areas. It’s been so useful to see everyone’s responses to the questions to support each other and to add more depth to our own thoughts or shed new light onto something. Really brilliant thank you xx”

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