Responsive parenting and autism: getting unstuck around changing clothes
author By Emilie Leeks,

As parents, we often find ourselves up against a situation which challenges us Every. Single. Time. And it's so hard to feel like we banging our heads against a wall as we try and try to resolve an persistent issue. One of the things I love about Hand in Hand Parenting, is that it gives me options that I can try, rather than just trying the same old idea again and again - one of the tools which has brought a huge change in our own family live has been Playlistening. Playlistening is where we take a silly stance, give power back to the child, and follow the fun and laughter. It allows the child to release some of the emotional tension around the thorny issue, and lets us release some frustration around it too! Here's a simple story about how a wonderful parent from our Journeys in Parenting community used Playlistening with an autistic child* to help with changing clothes.

This child has a bit of a sticking point around changing underpants when it's really really necessary, so I got loads of clean pants down and pretended we were at the pants library and I was the pants librarian. We went through them all the pants (making sure that the ones wanted were near the end) and finally lending out and "stamping" the right ones before he hightailed it to the bathroom to clean up. No growls or yelling, just laughter. Phew!



*For more stories around using the Hand in Hand Parenting tools with autistic children, visit the Journeys in Parenting blog and search for 'autism'.

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Emilie is a Hand in Hand Parenting instructor, and was a paediatric speech and language therapist in her former life. She provides support and coaching for parents via the Journeys in Parenting community. Emilie lives in Berkshire in the UK with her husband and 3 children.

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