Dear parent, we see you
author By Emilie Leeks,

Dear amazing, hard-working, sweet sweet parent

I hope you can open your heart to hear my message to you today - please know that if you are reading this, this message is meant for you, with love.

Just exactly right JiP meme

Has anyone told you lately that you are wonderful, and just exactly right, just exactly the way you are?

Has anyone reminded you recently that you were born good, and that not a single thing has changed?

Born good and not changed JiP meme

Has anyone shown you the love and care and support you so richly deserve?

We see you, sweet parent:

We see you on the good days when things are going well - when your children are happy, when you've played and found the fun, when you've managed to get something healthy on the table.

Hay Amners Em penguin

And we see you on the hard days - the days when you shout at your kids, when you feed them nothing but toast for their tea, when you can't speak for all the hurt you're carrying inside.

LP head in hands 3 (2)

Oh, we see you! And we see all that you do:

All that you do to support your loved ones and those around you - and how hard it is to ask for help in return.

All that you do to give the best of yourself to your children, to your family - no matter that you are utterly depleted.

All that you do to keep yourself going, even when everything weighs on you - and it feels like there's no one to take that burden.

broken glass dustpan brush 3

We see all of you.

Because we are all you - we're all with you: carrying your pain with you, holding you when you cry, seeing the hard stuff. And knowing your inner goodness - that true self that still exists right at your core, even when you can't remember it yourself.

Knowing your inner goodness JiP meme

You don't think I'm talking to you? I am talk RIGHT to you:

You, in all your small wins.

You, in all your imperfection.

You, in all your unseen glories.

You. In all of your pain.

You are seen. You are heard. You are held.

You are everything you are meant to be - and you are loved, exactly as you are.

You are everything you are meant to be JiP meme


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